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Dade Testing Incorporated is a company that provides online scheduling capability for CDL drivers who seek DOT Medical Exams, alcohol and drug testing services for the transportation industry.  We also provide these same services for the non-dot setting. These services include DOT Physical Exam, CDL Medical Exam, CDL Physical Exam, School Bus Driver Physical and Merchant Marine Physical.


Need a DOT physical, alcohol or drug exam? Real time online appointment scheduling is now available.  Now you can see our clinic's pricing and make an appointment online.   Click here to schedule your online appointment.


Motor Carriers:

Use your office computer to manage your drivers DOT physical exam, drug and alcohol test.   Same day appointments are routine.

Dade Testing provides you with the convenient tools you need to ensure all of your drivers remain compliant to all the DOT Medical Standards.  Our staff is trained to perform DOT alcohol test and urine specimen collection.  We use current FMCSA Medical Standards, guidelines and procedure to determine driver status.  Our doctor can see you today.  In most cases, your DOT Medical exam will be complete in 30 minutes.  Unlike other clinics, you won't be kept waiting for your appointment.  Our clinic also offers DOT alcohol testing and urine specimen collection for drug testing.  Our goal is to protect Motor Carriers and drivers by detecting and monitoring health conditions that affect driving status, hence protecting the public and increasing highway safety.

The department of transportation (DOT) is a government agency whose roll encompasses the regulation and safety within the transportation industry. Consequently the (DOT) has mandated that all of those who work within the transportation industry, especially those in safety sensitive positions are required to be physcially qualified to perform the essential functions of their jobs and be free of illicit drug use.  The chiropractor is legally qualified to perform these exams and is involved within the drug testing industry (both in a DOT and non DOT setting).

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the specific agency within the DOT that governs the physical qualifications for truck drivers and the drug & alcohol testing process associated with the trucking industry.

The problem that exist in the medical community is that there is a lack of awareness regarding the physical requirements as outlined by the FMCSA.  Too often, the doctor or other provider performing the exam is not familiar with the established guidelines and therefore certifies the driver where such certification is not warranted.  In an effort to address this problem the FMCSA has proposed the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).  This registry,requires  providers to maintain a minimum standard of understanding by requiring certification through examination for those who wish to perform these exams for the DOT.

As it relates to drug and alcohol testing, the FMCSA has also establish guidelines for testing for illicit drug use by commercial truck drivers.  Furthermore, as of August of 2001, the DOT has established regulations governing drug testing in transportation workplaces, requiring that personnel who perform urine specimen collections must have complete qualification training. The training must include instructions on the collection steps, completion of the custody and control form (CCF), "problem" collections, and overall responsibilities for the collection process.  In addition to participating in a course of instruction, the collector must demonstrate proficiency by completing consecutive error-free mock collections under the supervision of an experienced collector or trained instructor.

We take pride on our customer service

We manage your drivers appointments with convenient online scheduling of DOT physical exams, DOT drug and alcohol testing.  Same day appointments are routine.  We have less waiting and flexibility in providing onsite or in office services if needed. These services include DOT Physical Exam, CDL Medical Exam, CDL Physical Exam, School Bus Driver Physical Exam and Merchant Marine Physical. We are also Team CME State trainers available to provide you and your staff Team CME accredited proficiency training for DOT alcohol and DOT urine specimen collection as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminstration.

Additional Services:

Treatment of injured workers or accident related cases.  

Dr. Maria Quintero D.C. CCSP. LMT. DAAPM. DAAMLP, DOT Certified Medical Examiner

DOT Physical  We are a TeamCME Clinic. We provide online scheduling for DOT Drug, Alcohol, and Physical Exams. We also service NON-DOT employees needing pre-employment physical exams, drug test and random alcohol testing.

Carmen Rivera DOT Drug & Alcohol Technician