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Events & Seminars

Who We Are

A-1 Accident Advocates is a non profit organization offering learning and networking opportunities utilizing seminars, workshops, publications and other educational tools to educate the community.

What we do

A-1 Accident Advocates has developed a network of professionals to educate business owners, employees, and the community with accident related issues.

A-1 Accident Advocates is a Miami, Florida non profit organization. We take an organized approach to each case and aim to resolve it as soon as possible. We utilize cutting edge technology, problem management systems, and the experience of our group professionals and staff to move your case as efficiently as possible while maximizing the case result. We employ a hands on approach.  Our organization is personally involved with every aspect of the case from origination to conclusion.


We really care about the seriously injured clients and want to help them.  We specialize in soft tissue injuries which are difficult to diagnose and treat.  We truly do feel and think about their pain.  We are approachable to our clients and are always available for telephone appointments.


We are good at what we do.  We obtain top value for the client and the best treatment for our patients. A case should not be worked up or sit in a file cabinet longer than it needs to.


We simply know every aspect of an accident case.  We bridge the medical-legal gap as well as answering important insurance questions.

Contact us today

Let us put the resources and professionals of A-1 Accident Advocates to work for you. If you would like us to evaluate your case give us a call 1-800-516-5134.